Oy Bonum-Safety Ab acts as a promoter of safety in the area of the European Union, and partly beyond it as well. Safety and protection sector training and inspections represent an essential part of our company’s field of operations.

Many of the brand names our company owns are already familiar, because the enterprises and companies are always obliged to ensure the qualifications of the main contractor, subcontractor and, in general, employers and employees. Some of the best-known of our registered brand names are, in addition to SuoTu ®, the International Lifting Manager card ®, and the International Occupational Safety pass ®.

On application, we issue licences for companies giving training in or inspecting industrial safety that have provided evidence of the qualifications demanded by the legislation and regulations, and fulfil the criteria stipulated by the use of the SuoTu® brand.    In addition to these requirements, they should have the licences and qualifications of corresponding ministries for such training and inspections demanded by the laws and regulations in their own homelands.  Companies that have received this licence are already found in almost all EU countries.

Our objective in connection with training is to promote a common culture of occupational safety in the nations of the EU. We both give attention and listen to the hopes and wishes of our clientele, and frequently, at their request, we make proposals for laws, regulations and implementation measures. We are also a corporate member of Suomen Suojalaitetarkastajat ry (the Finnish Protective Equipment Inspectors Association).

Supervision of qualifications

This comes to the fore particularly if the work is done by a contractor that is not registered in the  country where it is performed. The contractors frequently bring the performers of the work along as well. In this instance, they are posted workers, and then the training is also often obtained in the contractor’s own homeland. What, then, are the qualifications of the trainer? Confirming these qualifications is always the responsibility of the main contractor / implementer.

The requirements and their levels vary from nation to nation. The main contractor / implementer at the work site, and frequently the orderer as well, should remember not to approve the training performed by a trainer or inspection by an inspector if they are unqualified, because in this case they are not performed in accordance with the laws and regulations. Assuring qualifications succeeds best if the competence criteria for the work concerned is already reported in connection with the contract request

If the SuoTu ® brand name is in the certificate or on the card, Oy Bonum-Safety Ab has confirmed that  the enterprise or person has provided evidence of the qualifications to perform the task concerned.

To the service provider, use of the SuoTu® brand name is not just evidence of assuring the quality of the service: rather, it is also a matter of honour for them!

When a safety expert is really needed

In the near future, we intend to introduce an agency-type service to provide experts as part of our services.  Anyone who has satisfactorily completed the orientation to our training may, if s/he wishes, provide us with the information that s/he is seeking a job, either immediately or after being released from the latest position (reports the estimated period). Oy Bonum-Safety Ab’s partner can inquire about those free individuals whose CV information and application belong to “job applicants in the programme”. We cannot reveal the applicant’s own name, so a “pen name” is always used. If our partner finds an interesting person amongst the applicants, we will convey that information to the applicant so that s/he can make direct contact with the business enterprise that has reported its willingness to employ an expert. Decisions concerning a possible employment contract are made by them between each other.

Orderer responsibility, occupational accident insurance, posted worker

Oy Bonum-Safety Ab’s experts and partners assist orderers and contractors also when the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out (Tilaajavastuulaki) and the certificates and documentation required of posted workers are delivered to orderers. They guide employers also in occupational accident insurance matters. These matters best succeed with the sorts of experts that have long-term national and international experience in the tasks concerned.