Oy Bonum-Safety Ab

Oy Bonum-Safety Ab improves occupational safety in general throughout Europe.Its trainers have been authorised by SuoTu®and they are registered in the Trainer Registry ofSuoTu®.The company also maintains a list of individuals who have obtained an Occupational Safety Pass.This is intended to prevent abuses and to remind holders of an OS Pass when their pass is due to expire.

The Työturvallisuuspassi– Occupational Safety Passtraining consists of two parts.The first one is the Main Book that includes occupational safety laws and regulations valid in Europe.The program does not refer to a certain occupational safety law or regulation, except in case of occupational safety violations, since one has to remember that crime is always crime regardless of the country where it is committed – only the sanctions are different.The second part consists of supplementary material, which is country-specific and always kept up-to-date.Using this program, the training can be always conducted according to valid laws and regulations.

Question: Can I change my Occupational Safety Card to the Occupational Safety Pass during renewal? 

Answer: Yes, you can.Since the Occupational Safety Card is qualitatively almost identical, we also accept your Occupational Safety Card for training renewal.

Question: Is it possible that the Occupational Safety Pass training can be expanded to a workplace-specific course?

Answer: Yes, and this is done quite often.You have to reserve some time for such training, and you have to negotiate with your trainer about how it could be performed.It is because the Occupational Safety Pass training has its own program that must always be completed in addition to workplace-specific training.

Contact: Alertum: Mika Ahola +358 (0)50 409 2489, Juha Suomela +358 (0)10 320 5772